Extreme Shock Ammunition Trauma Readiness Pack (TRP)

Extreme Shock Ammunition is proud to introduce a brand new…

Extreme Shock Ammunition is proud to introduce a brand new product it will offer to customers, the TRP: Trauma Readiness Pack.

The TRP is an emergency care pack that offers far more than the traditional first aid kit. The TRP includes one 3.5×3.5” 25 g. NTOA approved QuikClot first response hemostatic sponge, one latex-free 18×1” tourniquet, one 2” latex-free compression wrap, one 18” red trauma tape strip and one 5×9” sterile trauma pad. These components are recommended by physicians and first response personnel and can help save a life if a traumatic injury occurs.

The package itself is vacuum-sealed and features a sure grip texture to improve handling and offer easy-open access even in dark and/or wet conditions. The package is airtight, sterile, waterproof, non-reflective, compact, soft and silent. It’s ability to endure extreme temperature changes and float in water also make the TRP a great addition to any backpack, shooters bag, ATV, boat home or glovebox to give peace of mind in the event of a traumatic emergency.

The TRP is a common sense choice when preparing for any outdoor activity or trip that carries the possibility of injury or a traumatic situation. The MSRP for this product is $24.95 and can be purchased through Allegianceammo.com or Extremeshockusa.net.

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  • Tom Tonks

    As an Lieutenant EMT, Firefighter with my volunteer fire department, it’s good to see new products being developed to treat traumatic injuries involving gunshot wounds.