Fab Defense KPOS Gen 2 Pathfinder

KPOS Gen 2 Pathfinder: Fab Defense’s Simple Handgun to PDW Conversion

The KPOS Gen 2 Pathfinder from FAB Defense allows for pistol-to-carbine conversion in less than 10 seconds with no tools required.

FAB Defense’s KPOS Gen 2 Pathfinder allows users to convert their pistol into a personal defense weapon without the cumbersome federal restrictions and tax stamps.

In less than 10 seconds, the KPOS Gen 2 Pathfinder allows shooters to convert their handgun into a PDW without any modifications to the pistol. The innovative design — regarding the pistol-to-carbine conversion, which features a folding stabilization tube in place of a stock — is the product spec that gives it a non-NFA rating.

The compact design fits select full-size handgun models from popular brands such as Glock, Sig, Beretta, CZ, Jericho, FN and Springfield.

The conversion accessory features 6061 T6 billet-hard anodized aluminum frame and includes folding backup sights and a VTS handguard for added control and accuracy at longer distances.

The FAB Defense KPOS Gen 2 Pathfinder is the perfect setup for shooters who are looking to increase the capabilities of their handgun in a new way — all legally. The KPOS Gen 2 Pathfinder requires no tools for attachment.

For more information on the KPOS Gen 2 Pathfinder and other products from FAB Defense, please visit FAB-defense.com.

FAB Defense products, including the KPOS Gen 2, are available in the U.S. through The Mako Group at TheMakoGroup.com.

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