FEDERAL’s Personal Defense .38 Special Nyclad HP Ammo

For personal defense, FEDERAL’s Personal Defense .38 Special Nyclad HP has returned.

Back by popular demand, Federal Premium® reintroduces a .38 spl Nyclad® offering for personal defense. Federal loaded this Premium® offering for a number of years, and is now bringing it back. The Nyclad is known for great accuracy and stopping power. Because it’s nylon-coated, it eliminates bore leading and reduces airborne lead. This bullet has also been very popular for the country’s top police departments over the years.

Features & Benefits
• Great accuracy
• Excellent stopping power
• Eliminates bore leading
• Reduces airborne lead

Part No.
P38MA   38 Spl, 125-gr Nyclad HP

For more information on this and other Federal Ammo products, visit www.federalpremium.com.

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  • James Hedman

    I found Nyclads to be terribly innacurate in my S&W 640. They keyholed every time at very short range.

  • John Carp

    I am hoping that Federal has revised the QC of this ammunition, over the ammunition sold in the mid to late eighties. (Yes, I am that old and did carry a revolver for many years, and no I did not know Wyatt Earp personally) The 125 gr. non plus P, Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point expanded beautifully, to .60 caliber plus, even when fired from 1 7/8 inch bbl. Smith & Wesson “J”-frames, into a water tank.
    Exhibited the recoil of a 148 gr. Match Wadcutter and from a four inch tube, the bullet would almost turn inside out.
    All of this wonderful performance was at point blank range though.
    At any distance futher, the rounds had very erratic “accuracy”.
    Most targets looked as though they were hit with a shot gun.
    Two out six round fired from a revolver, would even “Key Hole” that is, strike the target side ways.
    Targets, ammunition lot codes and descriptions were sent to Federal, with no reply.
    The ammunition was very mild to shoot, in water expanded violently; but the whole accuracy issue left a bad taste in my mouth.
    What good is any ammunition, if it won’t hit it’s intended target.
    Respectfully submitted

  • Scott Walden

    My department used this round in our 38’s for several years. It seemed to be a very good round. I was a campus security officer at a theolgical college. We carried the S & W model 37. We worked mainly inside buildings (did a LOT of walking) and it was felt that this round would probably expand out of our snubbies and be much less likley to overpenetrate at close range inside of a building. At the time, I was a NRA certified law enforcement instructor and did all firearms training and qualifications. I was there 13 years and to my knowledge there has never been an officer involved shooting incident, so I cannot comment on it’s actual effectiveness. After it became very difficult to get, we changed to Winchester silvertip 95 grain hollow points. Since the silvertips were +p, we only shot 5 rounds a year through our airweights and used standard ammo for qualification. With the nyclads, each officer shot a 50 round box of them each year for qual.

  • kmrcstintn

    this stuff is actually a resurrection of a highly prized non +p load for .38 special revolvers, especially lightweight snubbies; it offers heavier projectiles than the 110gr loads offered as Federal Premium ‘low recoil’ Hydra-Shok and Winchester Silvertip; it is very timely considering the release of a magnesiun framed lightweight 6 shot snubby by Taurus in .38 special that is not +p rated (their steel framed variants are +p rated)

  • LiveFreeOrDie

    Has any agency tried this new ammo in terms of handguns?