FIOCCHI’s .40 Caliber SinterFire™ Bullets

Fiocchi Ammunition has developed a new .40 caliber handgun round…


Fiocchi Ammunition has developed a new .40 caliber handgun round featuring SinterFire™ frangible, lead-free bullets. This new, non-toxic round is intended for the training market, with specific applications for use at indoor shooting ranges, closed-quarter steel plate shooting, as well as for use by police departments in tactical training scenarios.

bx40sfnt_hr.gifThe experts at Fiocchi chose the copper/tin composite SinterFire bullet for this line as it yields the proven benefits of functional reliability (due to the bullet’s molded-in taper crimp), uniform dimensions, perfect weight, superior accuracy and repeatable performance. These bullets, which contain no jacketing or plating, literally crumble to dust upon impact with hard surfaces. Containing a proprietary lubricant, Fiocchi’s new .40 caliber SinterFire frangible, non-toxic cartridge provides the additional benefits of increased velocities at reduced pressures, reduced bore wear and minimized bore fouling.

Fiocchi’s innovative .40 caliber SinterFire non-toxic round is also the fastest in the manufacturer’s entire .40 caliber product line. Comprehensive ballistic testing has revealed that when fired from a 5-inch test barrel, Fiocchi’s hot, new round produces a sizzling 1,265 fps muzzle velocity due to its lightweight 125-grain bullet. With more than 130-year reputation resting on each round, Fiocchi strives to achieve ammunition perfection with every round it produces.

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