Snipers and designated marksmen (DM) who operate in high-threat environments…


Snipers and designated marksmen (DM) who operate in high-threat environments are getting a helping hand from Ronnie Barrett. Also sharing in the new technology are shooters everywhere interested in making first-shot hits at extreme ranges, regardless of weather or terrain factors.

boreexp.jpgBarrett has taken their unique knowledge of long-range shooting to produce a sighting system integrated with a ballistic computer. The Barrett Optical Ranging System (BORS) can be joined with a selection of Leupold tactical rifle scopes.

“We have reduced the data a shooter needs to obtain to ensure a first-round hit,” says Barrett’s Director of Sales and Marketing Ken Young. “A shooter only needs the range to the target, preferably obtained by a laser range finder, for an accurate ballistic solution to be transferred to your scope’s reticle. The need for databooks and PDAs are eliminated.”

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