FM OPTICS’ Total Tactical Rifle Scopes

FM Optics announces three new Total Tactical rifle scopes to…

FM Optics announces three new Total Tactical rifle scopes to their expanding lineup of affordable quality optics and accessory products.  Each of these scopes—a 3-9x42mm, a 6-24z44mm, and a 4-16x44mm—feature new illuminated red/green Mil-Dot reticles and new “zero tolerance” turret RING-LOCKS.

Superb glass and ultra-rugged construction are the hallmark of FM Optics scopes. They feature 1” aircraft aluminum tubes with matte black finish.  These versatile scopes feature illuminated red/green Mil-Dot reticles and new “zero tolerance” RING-LOCKS, assuring true-zero repeat.  The 3-9x42mm carries an MSRP of $169.95.  The 6-24x44mm ($229.95 MSRP) and 4-16x44mm ($216.95 MSRP) also includes adjustable objectives and a bubble level to go with the new illuminated red/green reticles.

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  • j gorman

    anyone familiar with the FM optics scope 4-14x44mm
    does it hold tight during/after firing?
    are reticules secure?
    catalog asking $90. ? deal ? or pass?

  • Don Miller

    I would like to know where I can get an manual. I have a 10-40×56 and cannnot adjust the elevation any higer. There is a screw at the base of scope
    under elevation knob.
    Don Miller

  • Carl Thornton

    I need to know are these scopes rugged enuff to withstand the recoil of high powered rifles. Such as a 7mm rem mag. I have heard they fall apart from high recoil. I would like to purchase one only i dont want to make a mistake by doin so.

  • Randy Sutton

    I have a customer that has an FM scope with a problem. Can you give me a phone #, or address for a repair place please. Thanks, Randy Sutton, Sutton’s Guns & Archery Paris, Il. 61944 217.466.1605

  • Kenny Dresel

    I just bought a AR-15 with a FM scope mounted on it. It’s a Large scope with a ring labeled 10 through 40, 4 knobs: R-L on the right side, up/down on the top, focus on the left (12 yds – 500 and an infinity symbol) and a fourth in front of the other three labeled B 1-5 twice around the circumference. Can you give me an idea of the scope model number and where I might find an instruction manual? Please email to

  • I would like to order the 4×32 rifle msrp at 24.95 but I’m not able to get a phone number or a website that will allow me to order on line. The magazine I found the advertisement in is Shooting Times. Would you please e-mail me with the information so I could order this scope. Thank-You
    e-mail is