FN HERSTAL’s Less Lethal Pistol

FN LESS LETHAL PISTOL Soon to be available for law…

Soon to be available for law enforcement sale only is FN’s new Less Lethal pistol. Complementing the proven FN303 projectile launcher, this pistol shoots the same impact cartridges with an effective range of 20 meters. The pistol comprises a stainless steel operating system, an aluminum barrel and upper receiver, and a high-impact urethane lower frame featuring a lower accessory rail. Each semi-automatic pistol comes with one magazine that holds a disposable CO2 cartridge and seven projectiles. Projectiles are specifically designed to reduce the risk of penetration and can include washable paint, indelible paint, or PAVA powder. For more information, visit www.fnherstal.com

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  • Dewey Landrum

    That IS a TAC-8! I own one.

  • Nathan

    Does anyone else think this gun must have been fashioned using a tiberius arms T8 body?