Get on Target– Be Fast, Be Sure

The object of this column has always been to look…

The object of this column has always been to look at issues that would be of use to law enforcement or military personnel who work regularly in plainclothes. Naturally, much of this information would be of benefit to the legally armed citizen as the differences in utilizing a concealed handgun for personal defense versus in the line of duty are small. Thus, I have always made it a point to touch on training issues whenever possible. In this month’s column, I am not going to talk about a specific technique, but I’m going to try to do justice to a shooting system that recently came to my attention, which has a lot to offer.

ameriglo.gifCombat Focus Shooting is the creation of Rob Pincus, a noted author and trainer who has a background in law enforcement, military and protective operations. I have never met Rob, though I have been reading his articles that have appeared in various magazines and trade journals for a number of years. Rob doesn’t write much, but when he does, it’s worth reading.

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