Gladiator Ballistic Body Armor

Gladiator Ballistic Body Armor: Round-Absorbing Safety For LEOs

Gladiator Protective Products & Services designs ballistic body armor that can absorb rounds instead of deflecting them.

Gladiator Protective Products & Services is constantly innovating ways to keep front line operators safe in the field.

The company’s ballistic body armor plates are designed to absorb rounds, rather than deflect them, significantly reducing the potential for injury due to deflection, ricochet, and splintering (from metal and/or ceramic materials).

Additionally, Gladiator plates employ leading edge Round DispersionTechnology (RDT), which allows for even dispersant of the impact of around throughout the plate. Better technology delivers better protection.

The company currently has multiple plates available, including its NIJ Level III Stand Alone Plate. The NIJ Level III is available in two sizes: 10 x 12 x 1″ and 8 x 10 x 1″.

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