Grip Pod Systems is the largest weapon stabilization system for…

Grip Pod Systems is the largest weapon stabilization system for small arms in use with the U.S. Armed forces. Approximately four years ago, the U.S. Army at Picatinny Arsenal tested all known bipods in open competition for use on the m16a2, m16m4, and m16a4, in CQB, Medium, and Long range Applications. The Patented Grip Pod prevailed as a strong, dual purpose vertical foregrip and bipod in one small light package.  It deployed with the push of a button and enabled the soldier to engage the enemy with speed and accuracy never before thought possible.

gpsCurrently the Grip Pod is tested and totally adopted by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. National Guard, British Army, multiple special operations groups, FBI, DEA, and many other federal and state law enforcement agencies. It attaches to the M4 Carbine and M16 rifle series of weapons via MIL-STD 1913 interface.  To learn more about the Grip Pod, visit or email to find out how to get one for your weapon system.

Performance Characteristics:
Weight: 7 ounces
Length Closed: 5.75 inches
Deployed Width: 7.125 inches
Deployed Height: 8.25 inches
Diameter: 1.75 inches

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