GUNCRAFTER’s .50 GI Glock Conversion Unit

Guncrafter’s conversion kit allows you to shoot the .50 GI…

Guncrafter’s conversion kit allows you to shoot the .50 GI from a Glock 20 10mm or a .45ACP G21. The conversion kit consists of a complete top end and mag. It has a 9+1 capacity with an extended base pad, 8+1 with standard base pad. The slide and barrel are machined from stainless steel forgings and .50 GI factory ammo is available from Guncrafter Industries.  For more information, visit

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  • vivi

    And it won’t be a regular 50 cal round? Is this ammo 50gi only available threw guncrafters inc.

  • vivi

    Will the conversion work on new 4th Gen Glock 21?

  • Spininrich

    Can this .50 cal conversion fit the Glock 23?

  • Rex

    Is there any conversion to .50 with the flock 23?

  • Ron

    The conversion fits on a Glock 21SF just fine. I have TWO of them. It also fits on a Glock 22 perfectly – I have one of them as well.

  • David

    Will this unit work on SF and/or 4 gen. Glocks?

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  • Sean

    The conversion only works on the G20 10mm and G21 45 ACP. That is the full size frame that is compatible with.


  • Will

    nevermind… I found it.

  • Will

    What is the pricing and how do I get it… I am deployed and would love to order it before I come home.

  • ICE

    I don’t like that it will give my Glock a two tone colour. Will the conversion kit come in black also?

  • JC G

    Is it compatible with a glock 17?
    Thank you

  • George

    Will this conversion fit on the Glock 22?

  • Charles

    There is also some talk about it at the forums at

  • jason rapp

    hi ricky, yes it will. our mags have the ambi safety cut just for the sf. look at our site

  • Ricky

    The Glock 21SF has a slightly different frame layout will this conversion fit on the 21SF as well?