GunVault has come out with its smallest safe ever: The…

GunVault has come out with its smallest safe ever: The MicroVault. The MicroVault’s unique notebook-style design allows one to securely transport a handgun or valuables. Incredibly compact and lightweight, this safe will fit inside a briefcase or daypack and can be quickly accessed with GunVault’s No-Eyes keypad.

The MicroVault features more than twelve million user-selectable access codes and audio feedback to instantly confirm correct keypad entries. A built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries and the tamper indicator notes invalid entry attempts. In addition the audio disable feature allows the option for stealth mode operation.  Also available is GunVault’s MicroBioVault, which uses biometrics to allow owners quick access to the safe’s contents.  MSRP $139.95 (MV500) and $215.95 (MVB500).

The GunVault MicroVault and MicroBioVault specifications:
– Dimensions: 11 W x 8 H x 2 D
– Weight: 4.5 pounds

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  • Ed-revised

    After about one minute on the phone with customer service and a screwdriver, my problem was resolved. On some of the units during assembly, the motor is pushed a little too close to the latch and interferes. You can take the cover off, slide the motor slightly away from the latch and all is good.

    Really handy as a traveling safe too.
    4.5 out of 5 rating

  • Ed

    Wish I had found these other postings first. With Cannon’s name behind the brand, you expect instant reliability. At first the MV500-Std would only open with a key, the keypad would signal correct entry of the code and try to open, but the latch has a weak spring design. Now the weak or broken spring can’t keep the lid closed. From cool and exciting product to paperweight in a couple of days. Have contacted customer service, will post if I learn anything.
    Made in China

  • Wade

    I just purchased one of these, and it latched once, now I can’t get it to latch again. Guess I’ll have to call the manufacturer to see about an exchange. What a pain.

  • Barney

    I just purchased two of these and both have problems. The first won’t latch, the second has a dead keypad. So for, not good.