GUNVAULT’s Bio 1000

From the makers of the popular GunVault Bio 2000 comes…


From the makers of the popular GunVault Bio 2000 comes the smaller version, the GunVault Bio 1000.  Featuring the same cutting edge biometric fingerprint recognition technology as the initial larger model, gun owners now have the option to utilize its innovative security technology in smaller spaces.

The GunVault Bio 1000 can be securely bolted into a vehicle trunk floor, mounted under desks or in closets.


The tamper-proof, heavy gauge steel safe has the following security features:
* No Eyes® keypad and single fingerprint recognition groove provide reliable access and theft protection even in total darkness.
* Programmable biometric scanner technology makes accessing firearms and valuables faster and more secure.
* A self-learning system handles up to 30 fingerprint templates each time a user touches the sensor.
* A reliable spring-loaded door has a high-strength lock mechanism triggered by a biometric keypad.
• Measures 8.1”W x 4.9”H x 12”D
• Weighs just 9 pounds
* MSRP $325.95
* Available for purchase in March

For more information on the GunVault Bio 1000 and all its features, visit

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