GUNVAULT’s TriggerVault

GunVault has designed a new pistol trigger lock. The GunVault…

GunVault has designed a new pistol trigger lock. The GunVault Pistol TriggerVault offers firearms owners an effective and affordable way to keep their pistols safe and instantly accessible.

triggervault_open.gifFitting most pistols with Picatinny rails, the TriggerVault is made with extremely tough glass-reinforced nylon for maximum durability. The easy-to-mount TriggerVault secures onto the pistol’s Picatinny rail and slides around the trigger to protect it. Utilizing an intelligent and easy-to-use key-lock system the TriggerVault locks into place, making the firearm inoperable.

Even when the unit in unlocked, the detent pin keeps the TriggerVault in a fixed position. This allows the user to protect the trigger, yet access it in seconds by depressing the detent pin and pulling forward. This product is pending approval from the California Department of Justice. MSRP $29.95.

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