Hawke Sport Optics Tracer Flashlights

Hawke® Sport Optics is proud to announce that in addition…

Hawke® Sport Optics is proud to announce that in addition to its rapidly growing line of sporting optics, they will now offer the #1 lighting brand in the UK, Tracer®.

Exciting new products like the Tracer® Tri-Star Pro offer 1600 total lumens with a 1,000 foot spot beam. The Tri-Star is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery weighing less than 12 ounces. More amazing than the small size, is the fact that this battery provides 6 hours of run time on one charge. The Tri-Star Pro is sure to be a popular item with varmint hunters across the country.

In the wake of recent disasters like Superstorm Sandy, and the deadly ice storms of the past few years, the need for power sources in the wake of tragedy is increasingly evident. In addition to lights, Tracer® offers a revolutionary line of lithium polymer batteries that provide incredible flexibility for charging or powering 12v devices longer and more efficiently than traditional SLA batteries.

Find out more at tracerpower.com

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