High-End Battlefield Gloves

Every profession that deals with rough handwork has its own…

Every profession that deals with rough handwork has its own needs in protective gear, and law enforcement is no exception. There are several good general-purpose, patrol-style gloves on the market, and they’ve come a long way from where they were 20 years ago in terms of their ability to resist cold, abrasion, liquids and bodily fluids on the job. New materials such as Thinsulate to guard against cold without excessive bulk to interfere with operating a handgun; Kevlar to reduce the risk of cuts and scrapes, and Gore-Tex and other high-tech membranes to seal out liquids, are routinely incorporated into current gloves designed specifically for cops on the street. The old days of making do with off-the-rack gloves that were bulky and not particularly well adapted to police use are long gone.

gearbag2.jpgToday’s specialized units such as SWAT, search & rescue and others have specialized needs that go beyond what we’re used to, and we’re seeing makers step up to the bat to meet those requirements, too. Even different functions within the same unit can offer their own challenges.

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