Hornady Zombie Max Ammo (video)

Image: Shooting.com.au Be PREPARED – supply yourself for the Zombie…

Image: Shooting.com.au



Be PREPARED – supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max™ ammunition from Hornady®! Loaded with PROVEN Z-Max™ bullets… yes, PROVEN Z-Max™ bullets (have you seen a Zombie?). Make sure your “bug out bag” is ready with nothing but the best! Hornady.com.


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  • Gerry

    Finally! specific ammo for specific targets, now, when will they come out with Anti-Alien, (E.T.) ammo.

  • General Jim M

    Try the new Tyrannosaurus Rex killing, 500 S&W mercury filled hollowpoint Jurassic Safari bullets.

  • General Jim M

    How about non lethal tranquilizer bullets?

  • General Jim M

    I’m waiting for the real SILVER bullets for werewolves.Then we need HOLY WATER filled hollowpoints for vampires.Then we need RED WHITE AND BLUE armor piercing bullets for NWO troops.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    So if I buy deer ammo it’s ok to shoot folks with but if I but Zombie ammo it’s not because why again?
    Whatever, they can make a story outta anything.
    This is fun stuff, no big deal and being from them I’m pretty sure it’s good ammo. It’s gotta be better than that “Billy” beer some bought eons ago LOL

  • A.J

    LOL, great comments. I just finished watching the first season of The Walking Dead. Great stuffYou guys think you have it bad in the US?, try Canada. They want to know where you bought it, and for wanting to target shoot with your side arm…..they want to know when, where, what route you are going to take and how long it will take you to get there. They are not my mother.

  • Dan

    Gregory… Your an idiot.

    You are a perfect example of what is wrong with the way people think these days.. What if a kid is walking down the street one day and a squirrel jumping from tree to tree lands on an branch with a birds nest and an egg falls out at which time the kid happens to look up to the sky yelling with his mouth open wide at the goodyear blimp flying overhead and the egg falls into his mouth and dies from a disease? Real smart of you goodyear, you should have known that was going to happen, how dare you advertise!

    Point is, ammunition manufactures along with the ammo they make do not make the decision to do the insane stuff that happens in this world, people do. Weather it be because they are crazy, depressed, intoxicated, ect… It is the responsibility of everyone of us to make the right decisions in life. You can’t blame Hornady for making a product and marketing it to try and sell it better, that’s completely crazy that you would even think that. Maybe you should go get re evaluated before your aloud to purchase more ammunition or firearms for even coming up with the nonsense you wrote.

    You must purchase your thoughts from the same store that our idiotic politicians do huh?

  • dean

    Wicked, what calibers does it come in. i’ll stock some for each centerfire.

  • Gregory

    Correction for a typo:
    The U.N. Troops (our soldiers forced to serve in a global military against their will) arrest every member of the NRA for conspiracy to commit violations of the Small Arms Treaty.

    I typed “out” instead of “our”. Next time I will wear my reading glasses.

  • Gregory

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Zombie ammunition appears on Hornady’s web page. I was hoping this was a hoax. Imagine the following: Joe, the mental case (sorry to anyone named Joe), starts having delusional thoughts of zombies when he goes off of his psychotropic medication. Anyway, Joe (again, sorry to anyone named Joe) sees the advertisements for the Zombie ammunition. Joe (no more apologies), you know, that guy with very few brain cells, goes to the local “evil” gun show before Halloween and gets some of that great zombie killing ammunition. After leaving the gun show (sorry, forgot to add evil), Joe goes to the big “evil” (there I go with that evil word again) box store that is said to destroy small town businesses. Joe buys candy for all the little trick-or-treat kiddies. Fast forward to October 31’st. Joe, feeling helpless and victimized by society ties one on with his best friend, Mr. Weiser (we will just call him “bud”, it is shorter) to deal with his ever increasing schizophrenic episodes. With even fewer brain cells working than were working when Joe bought his ammunition, he loads-up his semiautomatic rifle (evil assault rifle per the liberals). Joe sees a large group of kids and parents walking up the driveway to his double wide trailer and freaks out. Joe then sees little Timmy, who is wearing a zombie costume. Joe opens fire on the group through the beautiful bay window of his double wide and kills all the little kids and most of their parents. The police arrive and Joe, the coward he is, surrenders to the police while insisting he was just saving the world from the killer zombies.
    Now, let us fast forward to the unbiased (sure they are) news media. The failing national female journalist (we know who she is) is shown sitting in a chair next to Chuck, the anti-gun senator. The reporter holds a box of Hornady Zombie ammunition in her hand, railing about the evil (there I go again) ammunition company and the evil gun manufacturer. Chuck calls for a ban on advertising ammunition because ammunition advertising kills children and families. Chuck also uses the tragedy to call for more reasonable gun control laws to protect the innocent children. Chuck calls on the “O” to sign an executive order banning the second amendment. Being a political year, the “O” calls for passage of the U.N. Small arms treaty, in the name of world peace (or is that one world government?). The treaty passes and the “O” signs it into law. Now the “O” can blame the U.N. for taking away every law abiding gun owner’s rights. The U.N. Troops (out soldiers forced to serve in a global military against their will) arrest every member of the NRA for conspiracy to commit violations of the Small Arms Treaty.
    Wow, that was long winded! I really have too much time on my hands. Getting to my point, Hornady, what were you thinking when you launched this product? With the administration currently in D.C., I would hope you would have more common sense than I am seeing! One word comes to kind about Zombie ammunition “STUPID”! If the ammunition is just an asinine hoax, I take it all back.

  • GilbertC

    I will be buying a handful of these for collecting and display. I LOVE Zombie related stuff….I’m a sucker for marketing as well.

  • Juve

    Can’t wait to see the media’s response to this…..

  • Marketing at is finest. I’m willing to bet they will sell plenty of this ammo.

  • A.J

    Its about time…..I just finished building my Mossberg 500 Variant just for this sort of thing. CAnt wait to try it out.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    What IS this ? Some kind of Halloween Ha Ha ? At the ranges the guy in the vid was firing at, blanks would have done the trick.
    How about ammo with mini nuclear warheads ? I could go for a case of those.

  • Chad

    Why the hell would they take the time to make ammo for zombie preppers and show an idiot wasting ammo on body shots?!? Seriously, do SOME research next time. Only head shots count HORNADY! I’m not buying these until they correct their mistake.

  • Mr. K

    So whats different about this ammo, and why cant I shoot people with it?

  • kurt

    I’ve been waiting so long for zombie ammo.

  • Don