ISSC-Austria x GEMTECH M22 Pistol and Alpine Suppressor

ISSC-Austria, exclusive importer and distributor of the M22 range pistol…

ISSC-Austria, exclusive importer and distributor of the M22 range pistol and MK22 range rifle, has partnered with GEMTECH, the leader in high- performance suppressors, to offer products that fit and function seamlessly together.

The ISSC-Austria M22 pistol with the new threaded barrel and the GEMTECH ALPINE suppressor offer target shooters the most efficient baffle design for a .22 LR suppressor while maintaining ease of disassembly (only tool needed is a US coin, such as a nickel.)Built using the combination of a Lothar Walther match barrel, adjustable sights and a very crisp 4-lb single-action trigger, the M22 with the threaded barrel for the addition of accessories, such as the GEMTECH ALPINE, is the new standard in training pistols. MSRP starts at $389.95 for the M22 pistol and $425.00 for the GEMTECH ALPINE Suppressor. New for 2011 from GEMTECH is the Tactical Retention Lanyard (TRL) in the new multi-cam color featuring a built-in, fail-safe breakaway for safe, non-mechanical retention and recovery of dropped pistols and other gear. MSRP for the GEMTECH TRL is $23.00.

The just released ISSC-Austria MSR MK22 rifle pairs perfectly with GEMTECH’s G5-22 suppressor designed from the ground up for .22 LR full-sized assault and MSR-style rifles. The MK22, designed and built in Austria, incorporates the look and feel of a military-style rifle with all the modern elements of a modern sporting rifle platform. This all-metal rifle gives the target shooter a “centerfire” feel even though it is chambered for the economical .22 LR cartridge. Using GEMTECH’s patented Quickmount system, the G5-22 has all the same features of the 5.56mm G5 but made for the .22 LR cartridge. The G5-22 was further designed for superb group size and zero first round pop. MSRP on the ISSC MSR MK22 rifle is $569.95 and the GEMTECH G5-22 suppressor is $495.00.

About ISSC-Austria
ISSC-Austria is the exclusive importer distributor and marketer of the M22 Range Pistol and MK22 Modern Sporting Rifle.

GEMTECH began in 1993 designing, testing, manufacturing, servicing and selling the best quality suppressor s and accessories at absolutely fair prices. GEMTECH customers include Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, the Intelligence Community, Federal Government agencies, state and local peace officers and foreign military and police.

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  • rick

    I bought my m-22 about a year ago and it was horrible about jams but after about 500 rounds through it it shoots flawlessly although it is still ammo picky. I found cci mini mags to work best and their only about $7 for 100 now I can say it is my favorite gun to shoot. don’t get me wrong I love my glock 19 but ammo is about 25 bucks per 100 and it keeps ejecting the shells on me,have had a couple go down my shirt. but point being, If you purchase an m22 and aren’t happy with it just try to rough it out,it will get better. I thought about selling mine early on and I’m glad I didn’t

  • joe sirignano

    I just bought this gun it jamed with every 22 h/v ammo. I think this gun is junk. I’m a retired detective 41 tears of service. I carried a glock for 20 years thats why a bought this firearm. I was told when i bought the gun it would fire any h/v round. After i returned it back to the dealer now he says i need to fire the most evspenive ammo.(M22)