Kimber Pro TLE II LG .45ACP


LASER SIGHTING SYSTEMS FOR HANDGUNS have come a long way since the concept was first introduced; evolving from heavy, cumbersome, and sometimes flimsy and inconsistent units, to the highly reliable compact devices manufactured today. Crimson Trace Corporation is the maker of such laser sighting systems integrated into grips. Now, Kimber has partnered with CTC to bring us factory-installed Lasergrips on the Custom TLE II, Stainless Pro Carry II, Pro TLE II, Ultra Carry II/Night and all three versions of the just announced Covert Series.

kimber-pro-5.jpgI recently acquired a Pro TLE II LG (Tactical Law Enforcement, Lasergrips) for testing and evaluation. Introduced in 2006, it kills two birds with one stone. First, the Pro Carry Kimber with its 4-inch barrel represents the perfect compromise between the full-sized Custom model and Ultra Carry. Secondly, the CTC Lasergrips add another dimension to the fighting pistol, lending a projected red dot for aiming, and simultaneously presenting an efficient sighting system for low-light situations. The beauty of the Lasergrips is that they add no significant weight, or change or add to its dimensions, and best of all, will fit the same holsters as the standard guns. One can continue to carry a light, compact laser-equipped pistol, which conceals as easily as any other.

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