Kitanica Shorts IX.C

Introducing Kitanica's heavy duty all-season utility shorts, an intense study…

Introducing Kitanica’s heavy duty all-season utility shorts, an intense study in fit, function and durability. Kitanica has produced an extreme limited run of 100 pairs of these incredible shorts, and they are only available for a limited time. Constructed of Poly Cotton Ripstop with 500 denier Condura double reinforced knees, these 12 pocketed shorts are simply unmatched, and they are only available at for a limited time. Other features: 12 pockets, reinforced butt, expendable rear dump pockets, wicking mesh interlining, 4 snap fly, wide stance cut for mobile fit, pull tab flaps on leg pockets, gussetted crotch. Price $175.00. For details visit


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  • moose

    I was looking to buy a few pairs of these quality shorts. Living in Poenix means that I wear my shorts a lot and thats why I’m willing to pay a little extra for some quality, durable shorts that look nice and have good features, but $175.00 is flat out retarded!

  • Oz

    Very nice shorts but whats with the rediculous price?? Oh i guess fortune 500 CEO’s will be sporting them ha, do you think the people at kitanica have a clue whats going on in our economy or should i say lack there of? Heres a thought price them so normal people (thats 99% of us) can wear them, thanks.

  • 175 buck’s? kind of put them out of reach of the normal man

  • Mr.T

    I don’t even OWN enough things to fit in 12 pockets.