KRISS Super V Glock 30 MagEx

The KRISS G30 MagEx is custom-designed and built to exacting…

The KRISS G30 MagEx is custom-designed and built to exacting KRISS-TDI standards by MagPul Industries and quickly converts the Glock 21 13-round magazine to a full 30 rounds which assembles and easily with no special tools required. The magazine extension has an inner and outer sleeve of injection molded high-performance, fiber-filled polyamide (PA) composite material for strength, toughness and dimensional stability. The magazine extension also contains an ISMI premium spring, manufactured exclusively with certified aerospace specification alloys. The product uses standard Glock 21 13-round .45 ACP magazine components – magazine body, follower and base plate and is designed to fit BOTH the KRISS family of firearms and the Glock 21. The KRISS G30 MagEx is compatible with all KRISS Super V system .45 ACP firearms (SMG, CRB/SO) and with Glock 21 .45 ACP pistols.

To help load your 13 or 30-round Glock 21 magazines faster, TDI also offers a KRISS Vector Speed Loader. The KRISS Uplula™ universal multi-caliber speed loader works on virtually every type of single and doublestack magazine.

Suggested MSRP and Magazine Extension Packages
• KRISS Super V MagEx G30 Extension Kit (Kit only) $26.95
• KRISS Super V MagEx G30+ Extension Kit plus G21 Magazine (Assembled) $49.95
• KRISS Super V MagEx G30+ Extension Kit plus G21 Magazine and Speed Loader $79.95
• KRISS Uplula Speed Loader (Loader only) $29.95
• 60-day unconditional return warranty with lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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  • Carrion

    The vector is an awesome weapon to shoot! To fully appreciate the work these guys put into this you really have to shoot one. I had the chance to get their civilian model (full size barrel/ semi-auto only) and the gun is a pleasure to shoot! All I need is the mag extension and if in fact they are made by magpul then I’m in for a treat. I can say that magpul makes products that WORK. combat proven and tested. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of the extensions. And these will probably make a future glock 21 purchase a bit easier. 🙂 Godspeed gentlemen

  • Jug head

    great mag. no problems thus far.

  • JeanClaudeSegal

    This looks pretty awesome…I wonder if it would work for the Glock 21SF 50Gi mags??…They are actually the same diamater as the standard Glock .45mags…How cool would it be to have a high capacity mag for a 50cal glock???Hmm i guess i will have to try it and see..

  • Hackett

    I hope they decide to expand and make them for 9mm/40sw mags!

  • I have NO first hand experience with TDI, but I these extensions are made BY MAGPUL FOR TDI, so I have no doubt that they will function every bit as well as every other piece of quality equipment MagPul manufactures. The price is fantastic for what you’re getting. Most +capacity baseplates with a new spring run $30+ just for the extension.

  • Jack Johnson

    I have two G30 MagEx magazines for my Glock 21SF. They came fully assembled. Both load and function without issue from round 1 to round 30. The mag is ambidextrious. I finally have two reliable 30 rd mags in 45ACP. Would recommend them to all.

  • Tom Malan

    Save your money. I have had nothing but trouble from everything that has to do with Kriss Super V. The guns are junk and so are the accessories made to go with them. They are made cheap the only reason they are priced so high is that they are new. In fact Glock won’t even have anything to do with TDI or the Kriss Super V.

  • Josh Barnett

    This is great news, I personally love to shoot glocks and have been fustrated with the regular .45 magazine.

    Nice Job can’t wait to get my hands on one…..

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