L-3 COMMUNICATION’s M2124 Electro Optical System

  The L-3 M2124 is a rugged, clip-on night vision…


The L-3 M2124 is a rugged, clip-on night vision device based on the AN/PVS-24 used by U.S. Special Forces. It mounts ahead of primary (day) sighting systems to allow operators to maintain consistent eye relief, shooting position and established targeting parameters. Its applications include rifles chambered in 300 WINMAG and .338 Lapua. It has a quick-disconnect weapon mount for the M1913 (Picatinny) rail system with a built in shroud that covers the area between the M2124 and the primary scope. The non-magnifying M2124 has a Gen III – Omnibus 7 auto gating 641p I squared tube and is powered by one CR123 Lithium battery that powers the unit for over 16 hours. The M2124 is regulated by ITAR and CFR controls that disallows foreign sales without valid export licensing.  For more information on this and other L-3 Communications products, visit www.l-3com.com

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  • savage 338 lapua

    how much is it cause all the ones i find are close to 10g