Lahner Tactical X-Carrier
The X-Carrier from Lahner Tactical

Lahner Tactical’s X-Carrier: Body Armor That Transforms

The X-Carrier from Lahner Tactical can morph from a double-sided piece of body armor to a full-length shield in a matter of seconds.

In an unpredictable environment, different types of body armor can be needed, which is why the German-based Lahner Tactical has released its innovative X-Carrier system.

The X-Carrier is a versatile system that offers both ballistic protection, impact protection, cut- and stab protection, and shrapnel protection.

The system can be used as a shield, a blanket, a plate carrier, a vest, a riot control shield, an edged weapon protective device and an IED blanket. The X-Carrier separates into multiple pieces in seconds, offering protection to multiple users at one.

As quickly as it separates, the X-Carrier also extends downward to act a shield, protecting most of the user’s body.

The easily collapsable X-Carrier can be packed and stored in a number of places and deployed in just seconds.

Weighing approximately 11 pounds, the X-Carrier will cover ballistic threats from typical handgun calibers, up to .44 Mag, Makarow and Tokarev, with inserted rifle plates the level will go up.

The X-Carrier in the clip below is shown with no hard plates. It holds just the soft armor, impact absorber and multilayer composite.

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