Lancer Systems' new Lancer L5 20 Round Translucent Magazine (L5-20)…

Lancer Systems‘ new Lancer L5 20 Round Translucent Magazine (L5-20) design incorporates the same impact resistant translucent polymer body, hardened steel feed lips and rubber coated bottom found on the original L5® magazine.  They’ve also applied a number of user recommended improvements to the body’s external design.  The upper most support rib has been redesigned making the L5-20 easier to get out of magazine pouches.  This change also allows the magazine to be utilized with the H&K 416.  In addition, a support rib has been added around the bottom of the magazine’s body to improve bottom retention.

– Made in the USA
– Translucent polymer body that is impact resistant through a wide range of temperatures.
– The L5-20 body design incorporates a constant radius geometry that facilitates follower/spring travel.
– Hardened steel feed lips are permanently molded into the body; feed lips are PTFE coated for corrosion resistance.
– Stainless steel spring
– Rubber coated bottom.
– Easy to disassemble and maintain.

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