LASERLYTE & KA-BAR Team Up For Pistol Bayonet

LaserLyte & KA-BAR have teamed up to bring you their…

LaserLyte & KA-BAR have teamed up to bring you their Pistol Bayonet, a razor-sharp, 2.75 inch KA-BAR blade that fits on any medium to large pistol with a rail. It easily slides on and off the rail just by pressing two buttons and its carbon steel blade has been sharpened to a fine edge and finished with a black Teflon® coating to ensure long-lasting blade protection. Featuring a full tang design, the blade also comes with a custom polymer sheath. The blade handle is constructed from 30 percent glass-filled nylon for extra strength and durability. A LaserLyte original, this Pistol Bayonet is ready for any situation – or just looking cool on your favorite gun. MSRP $39.95. For more information on this and other Laserlyte & KA-BAR products, visit and

LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet Specifications:
• Compatible Firearms: With rails, medium to large frame pistols
• Material: Medium carbon, glass filled nylon
• Finish: Black oxide
• Weight: 2.6 oz., 73.71 g
• Blade Length: 2.75 in., 69.85 mm
• Overall Length: 5.75 in., 146.05 mm
• MSRP: $39.95

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  • FGR

    I’d love to see the holster!!!

  • John Blot

    Somebody had too much free time on his hands again!

  • Larry

    Ha! You’d get laughed off the range if you pulled this out of your case! Stupid.

  • mofogie

    this is hilarious. I see no advantage whatsoever of having this over wielding a knife in the offhand, or in the holster when needed.

  • SSgt Bench

    Hell yes.