LaserLyte is proud to announce the latest product for their…

LaserLyte is proud to announce the latest product for their best selling Laser Bore Sight. It Is the “SIX PACK” Laser Bore Sighter Accessory Kit. This one kit encompasses the six best accessories for the bore sight at an unbelievable savings to the customer. Over $65.00 of accessories are packed into one kit that has an MSRP or $29.95. The kit includes a scope/gun lever, 12 A-76 batteries, 12-20 gauge shotgun adapter, extra .22-.50 caliber tool kit, daylight target and a polymer case to hold it all. The case also has a molded location for a LaserLyte® .22-.50 caliber laser bore tool (not included). There is also extra space for other tools or even a LaserLyte® .17-.22 laser bore tool (not included). With the use of a LaserLyte® bore sight the “SIX-PACK” will allow you to level your rifle or shotgun, level the cross hairs on your rifle/shotgun, sight-in the firearm and even check it in the field after traveling or dropping the weapon. Then once you are all done and you need extra batteries or you lost a screw. You are covered with the extras supplied in the “SIX-PACK”. You really have no excuse on losing anything because you can store it all in the custom case. This is the ultimate kit in function, convenience and affordability.

Kit includes:
1. Gun/Scope Leveler ($10,00)
2. Shotgun adapter 12-20 gauge ($20.00)
3. Daylight Target ($7.00)
4. .22-.50 Caliber tool kit ($7.00)
5. 12 A-76 Batteries ($12.00)
6. Custom Case ($12.00)

MSRP $29.95

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