LASERLYTE’s V2 Sub Compact Railed Laser

LaserLyte new S.C. V2 Sub Compact Version 2 railed lasers…


LaserLyte new S.C. V2 Sub Compact Version 2 railed lasers are the smallest and most versatile railed laser to hit the market! The V2 weighs in at less than an ounce, is shorter than an inch and is packed with the latest features and options. The unit can mount directly on all 3” barrel subcompact railed pistols and all other railed weapons.

The laser features and integrated cross lock bar, hinge clamp system and a quick detachable release. One of the most innovative features is the accessory rail that is removable. The small picatinny rail attaches to the bottom of the laser and allows the mounting of flashlights or other accessories.


• The True Subcompact Laser
• Fits all subcompact weapons
• Fits all railed pistols and rail systems
• 25% Smaller than previous version
• Detachable rail system
• Intergraded lock bar
• Quick detachable design
• Low profile design
• Simple X and Y adjustments
• Push button activation
• Made from T6 aluminum
• .9 oz, 1”x 1”x 1” (.75 w/o rail) L x W x H
• 3-393 batteries, 1.5 hours continuous on
• Class IIIa 5mw, 650 nm

MSRP $149.95

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  • Note: $15 cheaper… another store…Thanks for you help.

  • OK…I give up.. You win…Bye

  • I submitted my questions. What in the world are
    you asking for when listing Website. I dont have
    my own. ??

  • I see 2 photos. I presume the top photo depicts
    the ‘V2’ $150 item.

    Note: I don’t require a bottom rail. Is it
    removeable, as I desire to use minimum size

    I have a Taurus PT 24/7 9mm sub-compact and
    a Walther P22. Do u suppose the V2 fits both?

  • Will this lazer sight fit my Smith & Wesson Sigma 40 caliber?

  • Rodrigo

    hello i want to buy onle the double picatinny rail and i want to know if fix in a glock 21

  • Richard Roach

    Do you make the lazer for the full size Glock