LEITNER-WISE’s Countashot MOD.1

The Countashot MOD.1 is a shot counter that opens a…

The Countashot MOD.1 is a shot counter that opens a new world of weapon monitoring. In the military, troops are instructed to keep round counts for crew served weapons and peculiars (like sniper rifles) so barrels can be replaced and scheduled maintenance can be applied. Realistically, shot books are difficult to keep up and round counts are often estimated when the dust settles. Countashot records, stores, and gives a real-time visual readout of each shot fired allowing the operator to instantly know how many rounds have been shot. Mounted on free real estate on a quad-rail handguard, the Countashot counts down and gives a heads-up display of the number of rounds remaining and a lifetime round count of a particular firearm. For LE, data can be recalled with the date and time to accurately report the number of rounds fired from a particular firearm in a critical moment. For more information, visit www.leitner-wise.com.

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