Leupold Dual Aperture Gunsight Riflescope (DAGR)

Leupold® has introduced the next generation in long-range and close-quarter…

Leupold® has introduced the next generation in long-range and close-quarter hybrid battlefield optics with the Dual Aperture Gunsight Riflescope (DAGR™), the next generation of integrated optical aiming systems for modern small arms.

Leupold’s DAGR System integrates the cutting-edge Leupold Mark 6™ 3-18x44mm riflescope with the CQB-proven Aimpoint® Micro T-1. American warfighters can go from 1x to 18x in a fraction of a second with this system. With an overall length of less than 12 inches and weighing just 34.2 ounces, the Leupold ECOS-O solution delivers an incredible field of view and rapid target acquisition at an unmatched length and weight.


In order to increase the combat effectiveness, Leupold engineering redesigned the elevation turret to reduce the centerline distance between the two optics to 1¾ of an inch. This greatly increases the speed of target acquisition for CQB engagements. The DAGR System was recently submitted as the solution for the Miniature Day/Night Sight Enhanced Combat Optical Sight – Optimized (MDNS ECOS-O) government request for proposal. This system will be available for consumers in 2013.

Built in Leupold’s Beaverton, Ore, facility, the ECOS-O is the latest in the company’s proud military history. Currently, more long-range Leupold tactical optics are in service with the U.S. military than any other brand. Aimpoint has been delivering red dot sights to the U.S. Army since 1997.

The foundation of the DAGR is the Mark 6 3-18x44mm, which offers a specialized short zero lock 0.1 mil adjustment dial with pop up revolution indicator and an easy-to-adjust ocular housing power magnification adjustment. The system includes a Berry Compliant carrying case, Leupold’s Mark 6 Integrated Mounting System and Sight mount. Leupold.com/tactical.


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  • Kevin

    Thanks for the info Brandon.

  • Lessing, Ingo

    A Schmidt & Bender “Short Dot” 1-8x with red dot and reticle is my high quality solution from point plank to approx 200 meters. Beyond there is convienence to switch to a bigger scope if 8x is not enough !
    During service with my good H&K G-3 we shot 400 meters with open sights; so what ??

  • Brandon.

    Kevin that buttstock is made by Knights Armanment. That gun is the Knights Armanment M110 aka SR25.

    As far as that mount goes, It’s nice but I think the GDI mount would be a better solution. Or an offset mount for the aimpoint and I would connect it to the quad rail. Just incase your scope breaks you won’t lose the aimpoint that is mounted to it. That’s my opinion.

  • Kevin

    I wanna know who makes the buttstock for that rifle.

  • Scarlighter

    A Sniper Variant of the Leupold HAMR?

  • EGS

    that red dot optic is nearly 4 inches above the bore-line of the rifle. i think that is a lot of distance for close quarters use. once you get out past 25 yards, sure, its nice, but in structures, it makes quite a bit more difference since the distances will start to be measured in feet.