Leupold’s New Digital RXB-IV Rangefinder & Binoculars

Get True Ballistic Range with new laser rangefinder/binoculars from Leupold!


These days, it’s hard to find a serious rifleman who doesn’t have some kind of a laser rangefinder. And it’s even more difficult to find one who doesn’t have a pair of good binoculars as well.

leupold2.gifThe above-mentioned trend is legitimate, without a doubt, for who would want to guess at target range when there’s a better, simpler way? The problem is that only a fraction of shooters truly understand laser rangefinders and are thus disappointed in their field performance.

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  • Bobby C.

    I have a pair and I really like not having to switch from binocs to rangefiner. Also when using a telescope it does not take long for my eyes to start getting blurry from the fatigue of using one eye.