Lewis Machine & Tool’s CQB MRP 6.8 Barrel

Lewis Machine & Tool Company introduces their new MRP and…


Lewis Machine & Tool Company introduces their new MRP and CQB MRP barrel in 6.8, the same caliber currently under rigorous field testing by the U.S. Army. The 6.8 has been proven to be more accurate at longer distances and have greater hitting impact than the currently used 5.56 carried by U.S. troops.

Always in the forefront of development and design, LMT’s new 6.8 barrel provides an option for those already carrying an MRP in 5.56. Literally, with no armorer or gunsmith required, an operator can quickly install the 6.8 barrel, bolt and magazine while in the field with just the supplied installation wrench. With no loss of zero during the change-out, the operator can resume shooting with the highly accurate and hard hitting 6.8.

The chrome-lined 6.8 barrels are available in 12.5” and 16” lengths with 1:7” twist. Stainless MRP 12.5” and 18” barrels are available as an upgrade option.

For more information about Lewis Machine & Tool Company, check out www.lewismachine.net

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  • Steve Stout

    Probably a 1:11 and I hope type II chamber

  • 68fan

    Website says 1:10

  • steve h.

    I doubt these are 1:7 twist in 6.8mm, probably 1:10, right?