Lightfield Ammunition .410, 20ga and 12ga Home Defender

Lightfield Ammunition now offers a full line of .410, 20ga…





Lightfield Ammunition now offers a full line of .410, 20ga and 12ga Home Defense ammunition. The ‘Home Defender’ line features several of our patented rubber projectiles. These products offer homeowners many new options for Home Defense at an affordable price. Please visit our website at

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  • Tony

    Good to have for the first shot , after that all bets are off

  • TexasCCW

    I understand the discourse on these being less-than-lethal and I agree. If someone breaks in to my home with the intent to hurt they have violated their fundamental right of me not firing on them. However, think about these on a familial level. Over penetration can be an issue and if you are like me, you have little ones in other rooms. With training you can teach yourself to think through stressful situations, but I do not trick myself into believing I will be perfectly calm and rational in that situation. These might very well save the life of your family. As for lawsuits, I can replace any money lost. I cannot replace my children. Will not be throwing away my slugs for these, but a good alternative if your house layout is not easily defensible.

  • ARA

    Not so fast. Check out the web site. They have fleschette rounds, hollow point rounds that enable you to fill the hollow with whatever you think will damage the target most effectively, even a flame-thrower round that fires burning metal. Innovative thinking that builds on the shotgun as a “shooting system.”

  • DS

    I’ll stick with lethal rounds for the moron who decides to kick my door in and threaten my family.

  • Ray

    Wow politically correct ammo.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Now is we can get thugs to use this stuff, we’ll be on equal footing.

    Do check out

  • SIB

    If you’re not an LEO in the performance of duty, this has lawsuit written all over it.

  • Robert L. Abadam

    Yeah right! What if the guy has a real gun, then what !!!

  • CK

    Slugs work just fine. Thanks.