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I am at this Law Seminar today, so here is…

I am at this Law Seminar today, so here is about the only picture I am going to get. I am in a room with a hundred or so lawyers so camera shy does not even come close…

The Legal seminar covers the most pertinent laws pertaining to firearms today, including what will be the landmark case McDonald v Chicago. This case will determine if the rights enumerated in Heller apply to states and is likely the most important case involving the right to bare arms in recent history. Also covered are the specifics of right to carry laws, other possible attacks on our gun rights, and specifics for licensed firearms dealers.

This seminar provided a great deal of good information as it pertains to many of the second amendment issues today. McDonald v Chicago argued on March 2nd at the Supreme Court may clearly define the individual write to bare arms as provided under the dues process clause of the 14th Amendment. If some of the statements during the argument by the justices are any indication it just may go well.

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  • Dave Bahde

    It is never possible to “predict” decisions by the Supreme Court.

    But, one of the speakers provided some excerpts from the oral arguments. What may be gleaned from some of these is the majority are not likely at least to overturn 140 years of case law, and determine the recent Heller case was “wrong” in order to satisfy Chicago’s argument.

    The extent of where they go remains to be seen and it is always hazardous to predict. We can only hope they more acutely define the right to bare arms as an individual right.

    We may know as soon as the end of June. Many experts believe the Court will hand this down prior to the end of the session June 28th. At this point all we can do is wait and see.

    Dave Bahde

  • David Cunningham

    Keep us updated on this! I really am interested in learning everything I can about these issues.