Magpul Masada ACWS 5.56mm

After most of us thought we’d seen it all, Magpul…

After most of us thought we’d seen it all, Magpul brought their new Masada tactical rifle to Orlando in February at the 2007 SHOT Show. Officially called the Masada Adaptive Combat Weapons System, it didn’t take more than a second to see that this was not just another 5.56mm NATO rifle. Blending the best materials with state-of-the-art production methods, the Masada also combines new ideas with proven operating principles to bring a truly advanced rifle to the 21st century.

magpul1.jpgGun Details
Initially produced in 5.56x45mm NATO caliber, the Masada will likely be produced in several other calibers to include 7.62x39mm (already produced), 5.45x39mm, 6.8x43mm SPC and 6.5mm Grendel, just to name a few.

Operating by a short stroke gas piston, the Masada uses a typical multi-lug rotating bolt and carrier. However, the rifle has many surprises, and it will be exciting news for both American law enforcement and the US Military as well as friendly foreign countries. Recently, I went to Denver for a look at Magpul and a hands-on test of the Masada.

[Photos by Iricho Nagata]

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  • Tyler

    What type of knife is that?!!!

  • aaaahgggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • del huffman

    If Magpul could make a Masada in a bullpup design with a Kriss super v type system to reduce recoil in a 6.8 spc that would be great.

  • Justin

    what kind of knife is that?

  • Cameron Dorr

    Sorry about the typo in the first line of my previous post. The MagPul Masada looks almost exactly like the FNH SCAR 16/17. FNH USA is now supplying the USSOCOM with their weapon. Take a look at FNHUSA.COM

  • Cameron Dorr

    Looks almost exactly like FHN SCAR 16/17. They didn’t get the Military contract to replace the M16. FNH did!

  • Charles Bales

    On a tight budget / If in 6.5 Grendel and under a grand I would get one…otherwise I’ll just look and wish

  • Austin Nistler

    not my ideal combat rifle, bulky, long, small caliber… but looks like a good system, looks like alot of room for different optics, and other acc…… one question though…. can you mount a m203 or masterkey or other under-mounted weoponry?..

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  • I want one of these!!!!

  • Mark

    “Kick Ass”

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