The Brass Buster Deflector is fully ambidextrous and allows for…

The Brass Buster Deflector is fully ambidextrous and allows for an AUG to be fired from the weak-side shoulder. Shown equipped on a left-hand-configured Steyr AUG A3/SA.

I recently had a chance to try out Manticore Arms’ Raptor Charging Handle and Brass Buster Deflector for the AUG-pattern rifle. Due to the close proximity of the AUG’s charging handle to the optics rail, and the commensurate difficulty with mounting certain optics, Manticore developed the Raptor Charging Handle, which goes for $29.95.

Projecting out horizontally, the polymer Raptor allows for clearance of the handle when using low-mounted or wide optics on your AUG. It is designed to work as a drop-in part on A2- or A3-pattern AUGs. (A1 variants will require fitting.)

The Raptor Charging Handle from Manticore Arms replaces the AUG’s standard charging handle and offers more clearance for low-mounted optics on the rail.

The Brass Buster Deflector offers users a quick snap-on solution that allows you to fire from the weak-side shoulder without getting brass in your face. It snaps easily over the AUG’s stock assembly and can be set for AUGs with left- or right-handed configurations. For more information, visit or call 630-715-0334.

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