McCann Industries Fiber Optic Rail System (FORS)

A revolutionary picatinny rail with built-in fiber optic three dot…

A revolutionary picatinny rail with built-in fiber optic three dot sights for shotguns has been unveiled by McCann Industries. The rail not only gives the shooter an easy mount base for optics and accessories, such as laser or lights, it includes a fast target-acquisition sight complete with the high-visibility glowing nylon inserts.

During field tests, shooters found the new site to acquire faster and more accurately than traditional rifle-style sites as used on many slug and combat shotguns.

Fully machined from 6061 stock with the heat treatment of T6511, the fully mil-spec rails are readjusted to fit either Remington 870 or any of the Mossberg 500 family of 12 gauge shotguns. The rails fit many other applications, not just Remington and Mossberg. They’ve been installed on Browning and Winchester models.

The rail-sight is low profile, completely American made of American materials, and is fully machined without castings. The rail is easy mounting, requiring drilling and tapping only, and comes complete with mounting screws.
Designed for military and police combat shotguns, the rail-sight is available to the public and is ideal for defense or slug-shooting, as well as hunting and sport shooting.

The FORS retails for an MSRP of $94.95.

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