Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock for Remington Versa Max

Mesa Tactical has expanded its popular line of Urbino Tactical…

Mesa Tactical has expanded its popular line of Urbino Tactical stocks to include the Remington Versa Max auto-loading shotgun. Made state-side from injection-molded glass-filled nylon, the rugged Urbino Tactical stock features a short, tactically useful 12.5-inch length of pull, a soft urethane-rubber pistol grip, an optional LimbSaver buttpad, an optional adjustable cheekpiece and a variety of flexible sling mounting options. The Urbino is durable, easy to shoulder and, perhaps most importantly, comfortable. The pistol grip is highly ergonomic and is padded at the rear to reduce recoil impact against the web of the hand. The optional LimbSaver buttpad does exactly that—reducing felt recoil substantially and so saving the shoulder from sustained punishment. With varying features, the Urbino Tactical stock varies in price, ranging from $110 for the standard model to $165 for the fully featured model (

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