MOSSBERG’s New Muzzle Brake Models

Mossberg has added to its already extensive line of bolt-action…

Mossberg has added to its already extensive line of bolt-action and semi-automatic rimfire rifles with five new muzzle brake Plinkster and other rimfire models packed full of features.

Muzzle brakes are now available on the following models: the standard 702 Plinkster® (.22 LR autoloading), the scoped 802 Plinkster™ (.22 LR bolt-action with 4x scope) and the scoped model 817 (.17 HMR with 3-9×40 scope). In addition, muzzle brakes will be fit onto a scoped model 817 with a thumbhole stock and Tipdown forend (.17HMR with 3-9×40 scope), and lastly, an 817 (.17HMR) will offer a complete package of a muzzle brake plus an upgraded 4-16×50 scope featuring sun shade, flip open lens protectors and a bi-pod.

These new Plinkster and rimfire rifles are the perfect go-anywhere kind of gun, with the built-in features normally found on rifles that cost much more. For example, the thumbhole stock with a Tipdown forend provides a vertical, pistol-like grip for both hands, which offers the most natural, ergonomic position for the human hand to assume when holding a rifle to the shoulder. This results in a more natural positioning of the hands and a comfort level more conducive to accurate shooting, be it from the prone, kneeling, sitting or off-hand positions.

702/802/817 – Muzzle Brake Models–Key Features:
• Select 702/802/817 rimfire models now offered with recoil-reducing muzzle brake;
• Black Synthetic stocks (817 also available in a Thumbhole stock with Tipdown forend);
• Convenient cross bolt safety and magazine release buttons;
• Detachable 10-round magazine (702, 802)
• Detachable 5-round magazine (817);
• 18” (702 and 802) and 21” (817) blued barrels;
• Includes a free gun lock;
• One-Year limited warranty.

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  • Ray

    Why would anyone want a muzzle brake on a 22 or 17 hmr? How about a 300 win-mag or a 338?

  • Ron

    Where can I get the Muzzle brake for my 817 17hmr?

  • dave o

    there are shotgun models with the break on it i believe it’s the road blocker

  • Akaii

    If I recall and I think they also did (Mossburg) had one on a shotgun and BB’s seemed to roll out the sides! Why invent one make your own.

  • anyone wanna trade a 817 17hmr for a nice 22 i would like a puma 22 817 specs 5rd mag bsa 3-12x40scope a few scatches on the barell excellent bore

  • m.

    They made oe for the mossberg 500

  • M Slater

    “Why doesnt anyone invent one for a shotgun?”

    Are you kidding me??? It would have to look like a funnel! Cmon use your brain!

  • Rikkor

    Has anyone heard of a larger capacity magazine than 5 for the 817? I have been unable to find one, any help appreciated.

  • Where can I purchase a muzzle break like on the 100 atr night train 2. I have resently purchased an night train 1 and now what to buy the muzzle break. plese help.

  • Truth-er

    On a 22? Why doesnt anyone invent one for a shotgun?