NASGW- New Ammunition -Barnes
NASGW- New Ammunition -Barnes

NASGW – New Ammunition

New ammunition offerings from Federal, Hornady, Winchester and others have shooters excited about what’s going downrange in 2014.

The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) held its annual fall event in Dallas. Like other NASGW shows, it proved the ideal place to scout innovations soon to debut in sporting and defense ammunition and handloading components. While the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) in January is a hectic convergence of thousands of vendors, the wholesalers get-together gives harried journalists a chance to jam a question between hunting stories, and snare details of items still in prototype stage. I asked about planned 2014 introductions, and products slated for 2013 but delayed. “We sold all we could make of just about every existing load,” became an echo. “We didn’t have time, staff or the need to change over plant machinery to make new items.”

The buying frenzy that wiped dealer shelves clean of pistol and .223 ammo and drove .22LR fare above $5 a box is subsiding, though plenty of shortages remain. Ammo makers know the line between relentless demand and static inventory can be thin indeed. New products drive interest and, in slack times, can keep a business alive. Here are some of the new and recently available ammo offerings I uncovered in Dallas.

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