New 338 Xtreme Tactical

Most long-range tactical rifles follow one of two patterns. First,…

Most long-range tactical rifles follow one of two patterns. First, there are the typical sniper rifles in .308 or .300 Mag. With their heavy 24- to 26-inch barrels, they are slightly longer and a few pounds heavier than the typical battle rifle, but are still easily portable over extended distances. Their primary purpose is to engage enemy personnel out to ranges of about 1000 yards. The second type is characteristically a much bigger, heavier rifle, chambered for powerful, large-bore cartridges such as the .375 and .408 CheyTac, .416 Barrett and .50 BMG. Though such rifles can be used to engage enemy personnel, they are also often employed against materiel; unarmored or lightly armored vehicles, small buildings, aircraft, and radar dishes, and are also sometimes used to set off UXO (unexploded ordnance) at a safe distance. The power of such cartridges allows them to be used at ranges of 2000 yards and beyond. This same power, however, commonly entails long barrels, heavy recoil, and a gun size and weight that prevents easy carry for extended distances, particularly in difficult environments.

xtreme2.gifNot many rifles offer both ex-treme long-range capability with light weight and reasonable size. Let’s take a look at a new rifle and cartridge, the 338 Xtreme Tactical, that together provide perhaps the best currently available combination of accuracy, convenient weight and size, and ultra-long-range ballistic performance.

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  • tom gossan

    I would like the price & time frame of a folding stock 7 shot mag fed 30″ barrel ? IN CAL 338 XTREME .ALSO WHICH SCOPE WOULD YOU recommend ? THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY. TOM GOSSAN 177 BURNETT RD WINLOCK WA 98596 PHONE NO 1-360- 785-3006