New Breed Combat Lights

I was struck by the amount of new technologies and…

I was struck by the amount of new technologies and features offered at the 2008 SHOT Show. Introduction of LED emitters was certainly the norm for just about all the companies and there were lots of advancements in increasing runtime, strobe use, multi-level output, programmability and charging technology. With quality and output increasing, the number of features soaring, and with it all getting less expensive, I dare say we may be entering the golden age of tactical lights.

hitech.gifWhile many makers had a wide array of new offerings, allotted space for this article limited me. Here are a few picks from some of the better-known companies and a few promising newcomers.

In combination with Night-Ops, BlackHawk now offers the ALLY PL3x XTR. The XTR version of the PL3 is an upgraded light offering a 60-percent increase in output. Using two 123-lithium batteries, the PL3 is a LED light offering two-mode operation consisting of 85 and 12 lumens. The tailcap offers click-on only operation with the first click setting the output at 85 lumens and the second click at 12. Running on high, the ALLY PL3x XTR gives 2 hours of illumination. The low setting will run for 20 hours.

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