NIGHTFORCE Angle Degree Indicator

The new Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator (ADIMT) takes the guesswork…


The new Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator (ADIMT) takes the guesswork out of uphill or downhill shots, especially at longer ranges. It provides an instant visual reading of the slope angle in degrees, which can be then be used with a pre-printed angle drop chart or entered directly into the Nightforce ballistic software program on a pocket PC or Windows computer.

The Angle Degree Indicator’s two-piece low-profile Picatinny mount design allows easy installation without removing the scope. It is small, simple and unobtrusive, and requires no batteries. It is offered in both left- and right-hand versions and is for use with one-piece bases. While designed to complement Nightforce riflescopes, it can also be used with many other scope brands.

Suggested retail is $150.00. For more information, visit

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