NIGHTFORCE OPTICS’ Top of Ring Bubble Level

Nightforce has introduced the Top of Ring Bubble Level, which…

Nightforce has introduced the Top of Ring Bubble Level, which replaces the top half of Nightforce Unimount, Direct Mount, and Nightforce Mil-Spec rings.  The bubble level is low profile and built directly into the top half of the ring, allowing the shooter to maintain perfectly level rifle alignment—critical at long ranges, when even a slight cant of the firearm can dramatically affect point of impact.  It also aids in precise scope mounting, providing an easy method of making certain the reticle is exactly level.

The Top of Ring Bubble Level is available by itself, with an integrally machined mount for the Nightforce ADI (Angle Degree Indicator), or as a complete system incorporating the ADI. The ADI takes the guesswork out of uphill and downhill shots.  Calibrated in degrees, the ADI gives an instant readout which can be entered directly into Nightforce ballistic software or referenced to a pre-printed angle drop chart.  The ADI is simple, robust, and requires no batteries.  It is an essential tool for the precision long-range shooter.

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  • John Carughi

    I am wondering about this product. i do not have a nightforce mount and cannot acquire one. but i am interested in this item. i am wondering if you have a lower mount so that the whole piece just screws onto the the scope tube for a 1 inch tube. please get back.
    John Carughi.