NITESITER’s Night Sights

Imagine something brighter than tritium and cheaper than dirt; Nitesiters…

Imagine something brighter than tritium and cheaper than dirt; Nitesiters should come to mind. They’re small dots of super photo-luminescent material on an industrial-strength adhesive backing that, when applied to existing sights can make a handgun more effective in lowlight situations. Can be charged with an LED or UV flashlight to glow all night long. Application kit includes everythingthe gun owner needs. For more info, visit Nitesiters at

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  • RE: Andre Munroe

    My apologies. We had some logistical issues being a military family stationed overseas. We’ve since relocated back to the States and all is running well. Please contact me if you have any issues, comments or concerns.

    Thank you,
    Dave Presley

  • Andre Munroe

    Hey, I have been trying to concact the persons from Nitesiters but with no success. Is there some other dealer that sells the product?

  • when i first got the sights, i wasnt sure about them, it only took about 15 minutes to put them on two handguns that i own. but when i was done, and put a flashlight on them for awhile, and went in a dark room. it was great! i love them.what a change from the old sights.and a great price too.