NIVISYS Tactical Quick Peek (TQP)

In a tactical situation, seeing and not being seen may…

In a tactical situation, seeing and not being seen may save lives and resolve a dangerous situation.  NIVISYS‘ TQP (Tactical Quick Peek) tri-fold periscope is a handy hand-held unit that solves some real tactical problems for military and law enforcement.  It is a win-win situation when you can take proven technology and couple it with modern features to come up with a winner.

The NIVISYS TQP can be deployed in 15-seconds from its compact carry take-down configuration.  Simply unfold the hinged one piece unit (no separate pieces to assemble), hand-tighten the connectors and the TQP is ready to use to safely peer down hallways, up, over and around obstacles and yet keep the operator safely behind protective cover.

The TQP can be combined with NIVISYS’ MUM-14 ultra-compact night-vision monocular (with built-in IR light source) for night- or low-light operations.  Because of the previous features and a 3x-magnification the TQP’s, overall ease of use in real time vision the TQP is superior to a mirror image.  The TQP offers significant advantages (and reflection protection) over mirrors, especially in the event of longer deployments where you may have to observe from cover for hours on end.

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