okay industries surfeed desert tan
Photo by Okay Industries

Okay Industries’ SureFeed Magazines Now Available in Desert Tan

Popular with US soldiers, government agencies and civilian shooters alike, Okay Industries' is now offering desert tan versions of its SureFeed magazines.

Okay Industries’ SureFeed magazines for AR-15s are now available in desert tan, the Connecticut-based company has announced.

Built to meet market demand, these new desert mags boast the same standards as all Okay Industries magazines, which meet or exceed Mil-Spec requirements and are known for offering reliable feeding and performance in any Mil-Spec AR-15 platform.

Like all the other SureFeed USGI type magazines, the new desert tan magazines are available in 20 and 30-round versions. According to the press release, the magazine bodies and floor plates are made from lightweight aluminum that is heat treated and hard coat anodized for strength and durability. A proprietary desert tan coating is applied to the magazine body that has a nano-PTFE additive for increased lubricity, in addition to a boron additive for durability, thereby improving performance and reliability.

These new desert tan offerings feature a four-way, anti-tilt, self-lubricating, non-hygroscopic resin follower in the 30-round magazine. A high performance Mil-Spec stainless steel spring that keeps rounds properly aligned and tensioned is also included.

The new SureFeed AR-15 magazines from Okay Industries are currently available in the 30-round capacity with a MSRP of $18.95-$19.95.

To learn more, check out surefeedmagazines.com.


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