OSSI’s Spy-Stik Inspection Tool

OSSI’s Spy-Stik, a fiber optic inspection tool, lets you see in detail around all sides of an object.


Here’s an easy-to-use fiber optic inspection tool that lets you see inside, under, beside, and around objects. Simply insert the flexible shaft into trunk cavities, air conditioning vents (or similar hiding places) and view through the eyepiece…you’ll be amazed what you’ll find!


*Standard 18” and 36” lengths
*Custom lengths available – inquire
*Illuminated Tip for dark locations
*Smooth, continuous focusing
*Two shaft styles available:
.23”/5.8mm shaft, flexible
.40”/10.5mm “StayFlex” shaft
(bendable, but holds shape)
*Field of View: 40°
*Close Focus: 3/4”
*Sealed lens and shaft – submersible
*Momentary Illuminator Switch
*Non-slip ergonomic handle
*Easy-open battery compartment
*Battery Power: Alkaline AA x 2
*Molded Carry Case: Included
*90 day warranty

Weight: 18” – approx. 1.5lbs
36” – approx. 2.5lbs

Starting under $300

For this and other Ossi products visit www.ossinet.com

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