PACIFIC CONCEPTS’ Advanced Tactical Camera now sold at U.S. CAVALRY

U.S. Cavalry now carries the lightweight and ultra-portable, Advanced Tactical…


U.S. Cavalry now carries the lightweight and ultra-portable, Advanced Tactical Camera from Pacific Concepts.

The crucial record of events in any use of force scenario can prove disastrous if you aren’t armed with the unbiased eye of a video camera. Now video capability is portable! Weighing only 7 oz., including batteries, SD card and mounting, the Advanced Tactical Camera (ATC) is ready to attach to your weapon or helmet.

Anyone who has used a digital camera will be instantly familiar with the operation of the ATC. Using a 2Gb SD media card, the ATC can record an hour of VHS quality video (640 x 480 resolution) at 30 frames per second plus audio. Included cables allow you to download video straight to your computer or simply connect to a television and use the camera for playback. Two AA batteries provide up to 2 hours of capture time.

Although consumer video cameras of this type do exist, the ATC was engineered specifically for military and law customers to withstand the harsh recoil of weapon. Totally self-contained, the device is also waterproof up to 10 feet and offers protection against sand and other debris from internal O-rings.

The Advanced Tactical Camera is a perfect and inexpensive tool for training and accountability in real mission deployments. The ATC has already been put to use in a number of exciting ways, such as: cell extractions, high-risk warrants and less-lethal encounters. Additionally, it has been used by the military on the southern U.S border as well as in Afghanistan.

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  • JG

    Does anyone know if you can get the mount for the camera seperately? I purchased mine before the rail type mount was available. Th

  • Oh and by the way if you are not diving into a puddle of water any time soon and would like to have sound with your camera, you will need to remove the rubber cover on the microphone. to do this simply remove the plastic shield underneath the camera. It is with two triangular shaped screws. I used an allen wrench to take them out. Next i grabbed some needle nose pliers and removed the water tight rubber boot. Now I have perfect sound but it is no longer water proof. It should be fine unless you totally submerge the camera in water.

  • We use this in our classroom as well as in the airsoft field. Check out some videos on YouTube “jockey Cam Airsoft”. All shot with this camera and also see my latest vid on

    military simulation. Caution the female at the end of the video is a paid actor, not a real terrorist video. This is just Airsoft.