Pair of 357 Mag Snubbies

SMITH & WESSON has been aggressive in keeping up with…


SMITH & WESSON has been aggressive in keeping up with an ever-evolving market, from their M&P line of pistols and AR15 pattern rifles, to staking a claim to their segment of omnipresent 1911 buyers.

Though semi-automatic pistols have become the dominant arm for the armed professional, there was a time when the revolver was king, and S&W enjoyed an enviable reputation as the foremost manufacturer of revolvers in the world with a selection of models second to none.

snubbies2.gifBucking trends, there are still those among us who prefer the revolver, whether it’s their ergonomics, rugged reliability or their value as back-up guns. The revolver may take a back seat to the autoloader in popularity, but the revolver is far from being obsolete.

Bringing state-of-the-art technology and revisions to the old wheelgun has produced two latest iterations, the Model 386 Sc/S and Performance Center’s Model 327.

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  • Model 327 extremely nice and very accurate. I highly recommend it. Eight shots is nice too,