Police Cutlery & Tactical Gear

From the makers of tactical clothing, there is now a…


From the makers of tactical clothing, there is now a range of products: protective eyewear, gun cases and packs, outerwear, underwear and cutlery. To make decent cutlery you need a name designer, high-grade materials and components, and a competitive price. We can’t all carry high-dollar knives on the job. The chances of loss or damage are too great.

benchmadee.gif5.11 Ten Eight
If you’re looking for quality and affordability while getting a decent utility knife, it’s time to look at 5.11 Tactical. Steve Tarani, subject matter expert, designed a series of duty knives for 5.11.

The blade I have for examination is the “Ten Eight.” A common radio code meaning “available for calls,” as well as describing the condition of someone who’s ready to fight (used as, “He’s about ready to go 10-8!”), Ten Eight is a good name for this knife. A 3.38-inch blade with a tanto point is made from 154 CM crucible blade steel. The knife, a folder, measures about 5 inches closed and is just over 8 inches open.

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